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Apply for Partnership

Apply for Partnership

International Representative -Application For PARTNERSHIP

Type of international representation

International region application relates to

Territory to be Covered

Please describe the extent of the territory within the above region that your application applies to.

Language of audits.

Please state what language audit reports will be written in

Translation of audits

If audits are not written in English, please state what resources you will have to translate all audit rpeorts into English.

Scope (this relates to the technical audit resource and support capabilities that you are able to provide to cover industrial areas i.e. construction, electrical, food etc.)

List all technical staff and auditors you may have available.

Business development

Outline how you propose to actively develop the business in your territory to meet the target growth indicated in the licensee specification

Financial security

Describe how you will fulfill the requirement for financial prudence and security (i.e. available working capital and/or parent company guarantees etc.)


Demonstrate how you will comply with all relevant standards and legislation as a licensee and demonstrate your understanding of how local customers should do so when audited to ISO standard and any other applicable assessment standards

Approvals and qualifications

If you represent an existing company then list all second and third party approvals, trade body and professional registrations held by your organisation

GITCHIA's assessment process

GITCHIA will issue a licence agreement and an operations manual to prescribe how you will control the conduct of certification and surveillance activities. Explain how you will implement such systems to support this including relevant appointment and training of staff.

Impartiality (all applicants will be required to submit details of potential risks on a GITCHIA business risk form)

The greatest threat to GITCHIA is when a licensee may hold improper trading relations with external organisations such as consultancy companies. Describe what measures you will take to safeguard impartiality of all aspects of assessment and certification activities and to prevent staff being improperly influenced.


Describe the arrangements you will put in place to ensure that all personnel are technically competent to carry out audit work and its supporting technical review and administrative functions?

Document control

Describe how you will control all documentation relating to GITCHIA's systems and also include arrangements for maintaining confidentiality of such information.


How will you maintain proper and adequate records?

Interview and training

Please indicate possible dates you may be available to attend in UK or our local offices for interview and if accepted training

Other information

Optional - if you wish to tell us anything in support of your application, you may do so here.

Other Enquiry