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Discount Offers

Discount Offers

We at GITCHIA offering certain discount packages for our clients to facilitate them financially. As well as individuals joining the GITCHIA from all over the world, we also welcome groups who enroll together. Groups may join from Universities or Colleges – we have had groups of students join the course who form a ‘study group’ together, as well as groups formed from University faculty and staff, who wish to learn from the GITCHIA in order to teach the material to their students. We have also welcomed groups from within organizations and corporate teams. If you are enrolling in a group, we offer the following discounts:

  • 10% discount 10+ Courses
  • 20% discount 50+ Courses
  • 30% discount 100+ Courses
  • 40% discount 250+ Courses
  • 50% discount 500+ Courses

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