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GITCHIA Referral Program (GRP)

Referral Program

GITCHIA belongs to you, you belongs to GITCHIA

A referral program of GITCHIA is a deliberate, systematic way of getting people to make referrals to our certification, training & inspection services. It’s often called word-of-mouth marketing because, well, it rewards existing customers for sending new customers to shop with our brand. These rewards usually come by way of referral incentives, such as discounts, free cash, or access to program that would otherwise be paid.

Why do we need a Referral Program?

One of the biggest stresses of any business is finding a solid customer acquisition channel, or basically, bringing in new customers and to support new people on the planet. When you have a solid referral marketing program, however, you let your existing customers bring new buyers to your brand. This not only significantly reduces spending on bringing new customers to our company, but it also increases customer retention, which is a very good thing. GITCHIA secretariat decided to initiate GRP so that we can provide services all over the globe.

Why Our Referral Program

It’s a well-known fact that in a wide variety of industries – ranging from B2B service providers to consumer brands to ecommerce companies – positive word-of-mouth is the lowest cost and most effective way to generate brand awareness, new leads, and immediate sales. Referral marketing is because GITCHIA rewards fans, customers, influencers, and affiliates – basically any defined contact – for our services. These brand ambassadors may also be incentivized with monetary or nonmonetary rewards. Furthermore, leveraging referral automation enables companies to increase engagement and acquire new customers.

Why we do Referral Program

Referral marketing allows you to become our advocates by recommending our brand to your friends and family. Our GRP (GITCHIA Referral Program) does offers incentive of rewards to get customers to cooperate, there are many others benefits of referral program, and we are using this strategy to expand our consumer base and to facilitate customers globally.

  1. Customers Trust Referrals: Perhaps the most compelling benefit of our referral marketing is that customers trust referrals. Recent consumer polls indicate that recommendations and reviews are trusted more than conventional advertisements. Meanwhile, people are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.
  2. Improved customer retention rate: Customers who participate in referral programs are much more likely to stay with GITCHIA. Because engaging new customers is generally more expensive than retaining our current customers, this is often among the top benefits of referral marketing.
  3. Increased marketing reach: Referral marketing allows us to increase our outreach by using our customers as our company’s advocates.  
  4. Referred customers are more valuable: Referred customers already have a positive opinion of Our Company because they’ve been referred by a peer.  Customers that have been referred by a friend, family member or colleague have a lifetime value that is, on average, 25% higher than that of other customers.

Valuable data: The modern consumer loves a personalized experience.  By tracking consumer referrals and engagement, we can give our customers the benefit of personalization. This also gives us a good idea of general market trends that can help our brand become better at meeting customer needs.
Save on new loyal customers: Compared to other forms of marketing and loyalty retention, referral marketing is a cost-effective way to gain new and loyal customers. Because people are social creatures, individuals that are referred to our company are much more likely to remain loyal customers.
Increase brand awareness and reputation: Referral marketing can help customers get to know our brand story and improve our overall reputation. Many modern customers want to align themselves with brands that have a strong voice and a positive influence. 85% of customers agree that they prefer a more authentic, honest brand. Allowing our own customers to tell our story makes that story through referrals resonate more strongly in the general consumer market.   

What I will get from GITCHIA Referral Program

If you want to be better, more productive, more competitive. GITCHIA offers certain benefits for those who enroll them in advocacy team through GRP.GITCHIA belongs to you, you belongs to GITCHIA. We at GITCHIA offers you up to 8% of the total gross reference based business. You can get certain free trainings, webinar and seminar

How I can join Brand Advocacy Team (GRP)

If you want to join our GRP, you can apply online through online application form, email us or visit the nearest local office branch.


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