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About This Course

This course is based on the European guidelines (Commission Directives 91/356/EEC, as amended by Directive 2003/94/EC, and 91/412/EEC respectively) on GMP and is a complete training solution for all individuals that need to acquire Good Manufacturing Practice knowledge for medicinal products for human use. Our free GMP training can also serve as a refresher course. It is consistent with the legislation in EU and is suitable for everyone who needs to be up-to-date with the GMP guidelines. The package contains beautifully designed, interactive presentations that will allow you to enjoy the learning process and easily understand the fundamentals of Good Manufacturing Practice.

At this point the course does not provide an official certificate but it is an easy way to obtain the necessary knowledge or just to search for a particular regulation without wasting any of your valuable time. However if you need an official GMP certificate please visit the certificate courses section of our website.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this online course trainees will:

  • be able to understand the basics of Good Manufacturing Practice for medicinal products for human use and the current legal regulations and guidelines;
  • have the confidence to outline the main GMP requirements related to premises, storage facilities and personnel;
  • get familiar with the principles of the GMP quality system and quality control and the important procedures when dealing with complaints and recalls;

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