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Health and safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

It is management policy to provide and maintain working conditions, equipment and systems of work which are safe and healthy for all employees and those who may be affected by the companies activities. We will provide the information, training and supervision required by employees to meet their needs for this purpose.

The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for all matters concerned with Health & Safety and is responsible for managing the Health & Safety Policy on a daily basis. Individual specific responsibilities are detailed in the various documents that form our Safety Policy. All employees are responsible for safeguarding the health and safety of themselves, their colleagues and those who may be affected by their activities. All employees are individually responsible for ensuring that they: –

  1. Have a detailed and up to date knowledge of all aspects of the Safety Policy which may affect their work
  2. Conform to the requirements of the Company Safety Policy
  3. Use and respect any safety equipment provided
  4. Ensure that their actions, or omissions, do not endanger themselves or others
  5. Co-operate with the management in all matters related to Health & Safety
  6. Report any matters of concern, regarding Health & Safety, to a member of the Health & Safety Committee immediately

All employees will receive a copy of this General Statement of Safety Policy.

Our Safety Policy will be kept under constant review to reflect changes in business needs and legislative requirements. Copies of the Safety Policy will be made readily available for employees to inspect and study. Any changes to the Safety Policy will be brought to the attention of the employees.

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