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Iso 22000 – Food Safety Management System

Food safety management systems certification. The food industry supply chain is increasingly complex and global, requiring the adoption of common food quality and safety standards, which allow increasing the fluidity of relationships and ensure some common criteria for all the parties in the chain.

What Is ISO 22000?

The ISO 22000 certification in food and agriculture sector companies helps ensure food safety throughout the food chain to the end consumer or sales outlet. This international standard applies to organizations involved in primary production, food producers, retailers, catering companies, and service companies related to the field of food safety (cleaning and disinfection, transportation, storage and distribution, etc.).

Who compiled ISO 22000 ?

ISO 22000 is an international standard originating from ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. It is the result of collaborative and collective work by all stakeholders across the world. 35 countries participated in the latest update, which was finalized in June 2018. France is very much involved in the development of ISO 22000, via GITCHIA’s “traceability and food safety – management and hygiene” Standardization Commission which brings together professionals in the field from around thirty organizations: representatives of the State, industrialists, consumers, certification bodies, as well as universities, schools and institutes. Participation is open to all. It is essential for ISO 22000 and all international standards to meet the expectations of professionals in France. The standardization of management methods, product specifications and analysis methods has increased over the years. Almost 140 countries participate in the ISO Technical Committee for the agri-food industry, with more than 840 documents already published and kept up to date.

Why use ISO 22000 ?

Setting up a food safety quality management system leads to the deployment of resources to ensure the safety of products and services. This is an approved prevention and continuous improvement tool. The PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle is deployed at two levels: the first of these applies to the management system, the second to the HACCP principles. Like any international standard, ISO 22000 facilitates dialogue and saves time: by applying it, you are using a recognized, globally shared method. ISO 22000 builds trust with your suppliers, customers and interested parties in the food chain. It promotes effective communication with them by identifying potential hazards and by defining the measures to be implemented to control these hazards when they occur. However, ISO 22000 certification does not attest to the safety of a product, or of its fitness for use.

Benefits Of ISO 22000 Certification

Manage and control food safety risks in all the supply chain’s parties:

  • Help compliance with the food legislation applicable to each organization
  • Provide effective communication with the parties involved in food safety and an increase in clients’ and consumers’ trust
  • Integrate the food safety management system with the company’s quality management system (ISO 9001)
  • Achieve an industry-recognized certification
  • Increase your organization’s competitiveness

Why With GITCHIA Certification?

GITCHIA Certification is an independent and renowned entity that aims to help organizations achieve their commitment to continuous improvement. We analyze the clients’ needs so that our auditors, who are specialists in each field, perform a service that provides the maximum value evaluating your organization’s compliance. Our teams develop specific certification plans according to our clients’ structure, processes and activities. Our international presence, extensive product portfolio, and accreditations allow us to offer global and expert service, tailored to your organization’s needs.