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Our Partners

Potential Partnership

We are looking for a business partner on the franchising basis, who is interested in providing certification of management systems, certification, inspection and training according to these standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO/IEC 27001 and rest of the services we are offering in the country of a franchisee partner under mark GITCHIA. Advantage of this kind of cooperation is that the franchisee partner is not obliged to obtain an accreditation from accreditation body which means that he is able to start providing certifications very quickly.

We Have Five Different Kinds Of Partnerships:




What you will get


Authorized Agent

-Marketing, and Auditing

-At least 3 clients/month

-Audit is not required

-4 schemes, directive 

Fixed Price

Limited Ad. material

Limited Facilities

No discount

Basic Package available


Authorized Platinum Partner

Marketing, Admin, and Auditing Office

At least 5 clients/month

Remote Audit is required

7 schemes, directive 

Fixed Price

Limited Ad. material

Limited Facilities

Discount Available

Basic Package available


Authorized Bronze Partner

Marketing, Admin, operational & Auditing Office

At least 6 clients/month

Remote Audit is required

10 schemes, directive 

Fixed Price

Full Ad. material

Limited Facilities

Discount available

Basic Package available


Authorized Silver Partner

Complete Office setup

At least 7 clients/month

Audit is required

8 schemes, directive 

Fixed Price

Full Ad. material

Full Facilities

15 % discount

monthly Package available


Authorized Gold Partner

Complete Office setup

unlimited clients/month

Audit is required

Unlimited schemes, directive 

Full Ad. material

Full Facilities

Upto 50 % discount

Mega Package available

Become our business partner

GITCHIA is looking for Business Partners in all regions around the world to help , promote and maintain ISO certification, training, calibration, and Inspection  services. The role of a GITCHIA Business Partner is primarily to build a pipeline and nurture relationships, through personal networking, sales meetings, workshops, and participation in industry events as exhibitors and/or speakers. GITCHIA will provide all the back-office support for the sales effort, Auditing, training material ,Technical support, report writing including co-branded marketing materials, website content, sales presentations, webinars, quote writing, CRM-system etc. GITCHIA can also participate in high-level sales meetings and do keynotes at national industry conferences. We enter partnerships with organizations that are already GITCHIA Certified Partners, with a minimum of two GITCHIA Certified and Licensed employees may be auditor and managerial staff.

Why partner with GITCHIA?

A Dedicated Account Manager – We will assign an experienced Account Manager to follow your Account and cater for any solution needs that you might have with your clients. We provide immediate supports in tackling any problems that may arise.

Expand your service portfolios – You can leverage on GITCHIA’s world-class training, inspection, and certification services, consist of Global Networking to diversify your own service portfolios offered to your clients. World’s leading provider of independent assessment services, global organization, working in over 87 countries recognized by over 12 accreditation bodies. GITCHIA Institute of Global Certification is part of GITCHIA  Group offering more than 100 Standard certification and more than 500 professional trainings in 17 technical sectors.

Increase your revenue stream – By integrating GITCHIA’s services into your existing portfolio, you not only provide comprehensive solutions to your clients, but also enjoy an attractive commission scheme, providing you an additional revenue stream to your business.


“To be a credible global leader in provision of conformity assessment services that deliver quality and confidence”


“To promote industry competitiveness by creating value for customers and stakeholders through globally recognized conformity assessment and professional qualification services”


When Authenticity Is Most Important!

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