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SAR Testing

SAR Testing

Wireless devices produce RF (radio frequency) emissions that may expose humans to RF energy.

SAR Testing, or “Specific Absorption Rate” testing is a measure of the rate of (RF) energy absorption by the body from the source being measured.  This test is performed to ensure the exposure limits are within the safety guidelines set by the FCC and other worldwide governmental agencies. Wireless devices can expose users to radio frequency (RF) energy.   Devices like LMR (Land Mobile Radios), Cell Phones, wearables, implantable devices, lap tops and other devices used within 20/cm / 7.87in of the human body generally require SAR evaluation.

Agencies around the world like the FCC require wireless device be evaluated to meet the RF exposure limits set forth in the governmental SAR regulations.  SAR testing uses models of the human head and body that are filled with liquids that simulate the RF absorption characteristics of human tissue. Compliance Testing provides SAR testing and utilizes the Dosimetric Assessment System (DASY™).   The DASY4 measurement system.  Compliance Testing can answer any questions you may have concerning your next project.