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Why Our Academy

Why Our Academy

There are many reasons why clients choose to train with GITCHIA Training. With a team made up of knowledgeable and skilled experts, we are always on hand to help and assist. Known for our exceptional levels of guidance, whenever candidates require advice or encouragement, we are by their side. It makes no difference whether you are taking part in employer-funded training or you are undertaking tuition independently.  If you want to vastly improve career prospects, gain promotion, return to work, or simply stand out from the crowd, GITCHIA will help you in a way that no-one else can.

Because You Need the RIGHT Training

We are business and industry’s academy. Our programs and courses are developed and revised in response to ongoing input from employers; our instruction is provided using state of the art equipment and instructional materials that reflect the work environment of your chosen career.

Our training is focused. The GITCHIA curriculum is competency based. We work very closely with Employer Advisory Committees comprised of representatives from business and industry. These committees tell us what skills, or “competencies” are necessary for your success as an employee. Our curriculum is developed and revised on an ongoing basis in response to employer input. When you attend GITCHIA, your progress is measured by your attainment of the skills/competencies identified by employers.

Our scheduling is flexible. GITCHIA is an open entry ⁄ open exit academy. We don’t operate on a semester calendar the way that other academies do. Students begin training when they are ready, progress through the course or program when they have demonstrated mastery of the competencies, and receive a certificate when all associated competencies have been mastered.

Our tuition is affordable. At GITCHIA, you register for the number of actual hours that work for you, on days and at times that work for you. You pay only for the number of hours for which you have registered, and our tuition is one of the lowest in the world. If you are interested in a academy experience that is focused, flexible, affordable, and designed to prepare you for the career of your choice in today’s workplace, the GITCHIA is the academy for you.

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